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Wright, Thomas; Gomes, Cláudio; Woodcock, Jim

Formally Verified Self-adaptation of an Incubator Digital Twin Inproceedings

In: Margaria, Tiziana; Steffen, Bernhard (Ed.): Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation. Practice, pp. 89–109, Springer Nature Switzerland, Cham, 2022, ISBN: 978-3-031-19762-8.

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Collenette, Joe; Dennis, Louise A; Fisher, Michael

Advising Autonomous Cars about the Rules of the Road Journal Article

In: arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.14035, 2022.


Fisher, Michael; Koenig, Sven; Slavkovik, Marija

AI Journal Special Issue on Ethics for Autonomous Systems Journal Article

In: Artificial Intelligence, 305 , pp. 103677, 2022, ISSN: 0004-3702.

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