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Damasceno, Carlos Diego; Mousavi, Mohammad Reza; Simao, Adenilso

Learning by sampling: learning behavioral family models from software product lines Journal Article

In: Empirical Software Engineering, 26 (4), 2021.


Fisher, Michael; Mascardi, Viviana; Rozier, Kristin Yvonne; Schlingloff, Bernd-Holger; Winikoff, Michael; Yorke-Smith, Neil

Towards a Framework for Certification of Reliable Autonomous Systems Journal Article

In: Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent Systems, 35 (8), 2021.

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Maoz, Shahar; Ringert, Jan Oliver

Reactive Synthesis with Spectra: A Tutorial Inproceedings

In: 43rd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering: Companion Proceedings, ICSE Companion 2021, Madrid, Spain, May 25-28, 2021, pp. 320–321, IEEE, 2021.

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