University of Leicester

Prof Mohammad Mousavi

Informatics | Principal Investigator (PI)

Professor of Data-Oriented Software engineering. His main research interest is in model-based testing, particularly of variability-intensive and cyber-physical systems.

Prof Effie Law

Informatics | Co-Investigator

Professor of Human-Computer Interaction. Her research focus is usability and user experience methodologies.

Prof Ivan Tyukin

Mathematics | Co-Investigator

Professor of Applied Mathematics. He is an expert in adaptive and learning systems, AI, and mathematical modelling.

Dr Genovefa Kefalidou

Informatics | Engagement Officer

Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction.

Dr Jan Ringert

Informatics | Engagement Officer

Lecturer in Model-based Software Engineering.

Dr José Miguel Rojas

Informatics | Publicity Officer

Lecturer in Software Engineering and Software Testing.

Dr Uraz Turker

Informatics | Co-Investigator

Lecturer in Software Testing.

University of Leeds

Prof Rob Richardson

Mech. Eng. | Co-Investigator

Professor of Robotics in the School of Mechanical Engineering and iMechE fellow. His research tackles a broad range of infrastructure robotics platforms and medical robotic systems.

Dr Bilal Kaddouh

Mech. Eng. | Case Studies Officer

Lecturer in Aerial Robotics.

Dr Chengxu Zhou

Mech. Eng. | Co-Investigator

Lecturer in Mobile Robotics.

University of Manchester

Prof Michael Fisher

Computer Science | Deputy PI

Professor of Computer Science, Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies, Europe Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee for Verification of Autonomous Systems.

Prof Gavin Brown

Computer Science | Co-Investigator

Professor of Machine Learning and Director of Research. His research spans interdisciplinary projects on drug efficacy predictions and modelling domestic violence.

Dr Louise Dennis

Computer Science | Co-Investigator

Senior Lecturer. Her background is in artificial intelligence and more specifically in agent and autonomous systems and automated reasoning.

University of York

Prof Ana Cavalcanti

Computer Science | Deputy PI

Professor of Software Verification and Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies. Her current research is on theory and practice of design, simulation, verification, and testing for mobile and autonomous robotic systems.

Prof James Woodcock

Computer Science | Co-Investigator

FREng Anniversary Professor of Software Engineering. His research covers the spectrum from abstract theory to practical application in industry.

University of Sheffield

Prof Rob Hierons

Computer Science | Co-Investigator

Chair in Testing, Deputy Director of Research and Head of the Testing research group at Sheffield. The main aim of his research is to devise automated testing techniques (and tools) that generate efficient, systematic test suites on the basis of program code, models or specifications.