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Autonomous systems are technologies that interact within an environment to gain knowledge and build awareness, learn, adapt and make decisions, with little or no human control. They include automated decision-making software and ‘smart’ devices as well as self-driving cars, drones and healthcare and surgical robots. These systems are already used in many sectors of society. Given their increased use, it is important to ensure that they are designed, built and deployed in a way that can be fully relied upon.


TAS Verifiability Node Tools

Our state-of-the art tools are freely available for dowload.


Tool for conformance testing of Cyber-Physical Systems.

RoboTool supports graphical modelling, validation, and automatic generatits...

The MCAPL Project provides a tool for prototyping BDI agent programming languages ....

ROSMonitoring provides a Runtime Verification Framework for ROS.

Management Board

Prof Mohammad Mousavi

London | Principal Investigator (PI)

Prof Ana Cavalcanti

York | Deputy PI

Prof Michael Fisher

Manchester | Deputy PI

Prof Rob Richardson

Leeds | Site Leader

Prof Gavin Brown

Manchester | Site Leader

Prof James Woodcock

York | Site Leader

Prof Effie Lai-Chong Law

Durham | Site Leader

Prof Rob Hierons

Sheffield | Site Leader

Dr Bilal Kaddouh

Leeds | Case Studies Officer

Dr Genovefa Kefalidou

Leicester | Engagement and Node Liaison Officer

Dr Jan Ringert

London | Engagement and Node Liaison Officer

Dr José Miguel Rojas

Leicester | Publicity Officer


Advisory Board

Dejanira Araiza Illan

Assistant Principal Engineer in Robotic Applications at Johnson & Johnson.

Raja Chatila

Professor Emeritus, Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics.

Sebastian Conran

CEO of Consequential Robotics.

Danit Gal

Associate Fellow at The Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence

Koen Hindriks

Professor Artificial Intelligence, Social AI group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Joost Noppen

Principal Researcher Software, BT Applied Research.

Colin O’Halloran

Technical Director of D-RisQ Ltd.

Kristin Yvonne Rozier

Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Rich Walker

Managing Director, The Shadow Robot Company.

Henry Tse

Connected Places Catapult, the UK’s innovation accelerator for cities, transport, and places.

Thierry Lecomte

R&D Project Director at CLEARSY, French SME specialised in safety critical systems.


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Foster, Simon; Baxter, James; Cavalcanti, Ana; Woodcock, Jim; Zeyda, Frank

Unifying Semantic Foundations for Automated Verification Tools in Isabelle/UTP Journal Article

In: CoRR, abs/1905.05500 , 0000.

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Louise, Dennis; Fisher, Michael; Lincoln, Nicholas; Lisitsa, Alexei; Veres, Sandor

Practical verification of decision-making in agent-based autonomous systems Journal Article

In: Automated Software Engineering, 23 (3), pp. 305–359, 0000, ISBN: 1573-7535.

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Alves, Gleifer Vaz; Dennis, Louise; Fisher, Michael

A Double-Level Model Checking Approach for an Agent-Based Autonomous Vehicle and Road Junction Regulations Journal Article

In: Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks, 10 (3), 0000, ISSN: 2224-2708.

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12 entries « 3 of 4 »


Verifiability Talk 23: “On Synthesizing Probabilistic Programs”

Verifiability Talk 22: “Systematic falsification of cyber-physical systems”

Verifiability Talk 21: “CIRCUS: an Integrated Modelling and Development Environment Dedicated to Interactive Systems with Explicit…

Verifiability Talk 20: Formal Methods for User-Centred Design

Verifiability Talk 19: SYNTECH: Synthesis Technologies for Reactive Systems Software Engineers

Verifiability Talk 18: Joel Fischer (University of Nottingham)

Verifiability Talk 17: Applications of Artificial Intelligence to the Automated Software Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems (Lionel…

Verifiability Talk 16: Machine Learning and Software Engineering: Separated by a Common Language (Amel Bennaceur, Open…

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